Getting to know everything about the use of a collar in BDSM

The collar is an important element in the Master/slave relationship. By offering it, the Master accepts the slave and commits to fulfill His duties to His slave. Wearing the collar means that the slave accepted her condition.
In BDSM relationship, the collar is the testimony of the slave’s power and will abandon to her Master and a sign of confidence, similar to the wedding ring in a vanilla relationship. “Vanilla” is the term used by those in the BDSM lifestyle to define those who are not.

The collar, as symbol of BDSM union

The collar can be fixed on the neck at the first time, manifesting the power taking, or it may be done after a training period. At first, it may be used another symbolic object, as an “O” ring, symbolizing the heroin name of the classical erotic literature, written by Pauline Réage. This ring of BDSM union represents a triskel, druid sign made of three stylized legs symbolizing harmony. The slave cannot wear the collar all the time, because of its obviousness. She will choose, for everyday wearing, something less visible, but giving as well, the special feeling of wearing a submission collar.
The price of a collar may be high; however, a submission collar should be made for people. Even if animal collars may be more comfortable, nicer looking and exiting sometimes, one has to be prudent when using products that weren’t especially designed for BDSM bondage.

How to choose a collar?

Leather is the best choice for this special collar, as is resistant and good looking. Yet, its rigidity may scary the nubies, or disgust the vegans. In these cases, PVC is an alternative, as looks like leather, but is lighter and more flexible, or natural rubber, appreciated by fetish persons offering an excellent maintenance.
A perfectly adapted collar depends on two criteria: measure and closing. The Dominant should measure his submissive’s neck at its lower part, where is larger.
There are more types of BDSM collars. Those destined to slaves, in leather or rubber, have a lock on the back and a ring by the front, to attach a leash, rope or handcuffs…There are also collars with chains and clips to be attached to the nipples and clitoris, for intense moments of pain and pleasure. There is, finally, the mix of collar and leash for the Master - dog play.

How to wear a collar in a perfectly secure way

When the collar is fixed on the back of the neck, two fingers should have enough space between the collar and the neck, to avoid any risk of suffocation.

Do not brutally pull on the collar ring or leash; this might cause serious harm to the neck vertebrae of your favorite slave!
To avoid any risk, do not forget to establish a safeword that will help your slave to put an end to the session at any moment.
All these once accomplished, you may now enjoy the sweetest and most intense Master/slave relationship, agreed by both sides.

by sclava

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