Master/slave principle in BDSM

On the last years, hard sex has been trivialized a lot in porn movies that use more and more of the BDSM techniques to impress audience. Yet, in reality, BDSM has a more respectful approach of the partner as a person, not only as a sex toy.

In here, will be discussed the case of a submissive, even if the power balance may be reversed on other relationships, the lady being the mistress dominatrix.

The ultimate goal of domination is not so much satisfying the Dominator but more to pull the submissive to overcome her limits, taboos, to discover herself in her most profound inner depth. Dominant/ submissive, Master/slave… these are relationships based on mutual consent.

Initiation in the domination-submission relationship is not to be made by improvising. In principal, it is not about making the submissive to suffer physically but to encourage her to carry out tasks that are particularly difficult to her, for freeing eventually her sexuality. By forgetting her artificially established limits, modesty and shame, her physical pleasure will increase.

Contract of mutual consent

At the beginning of a D/s or M/s relationship, it is compulsory to make an agreement written or not, between parts, about safe words, limits established by the submissive, accepted practices. In reality, the submissive is the one to set the limits the Dominator will evolve within.

Before becoming official submissive, the slave will be subjected to a training stage, after which she will receive her slave collar, as a symbol of her status. It’s time for serious things…

For a successful Master/slave relationship

Create first an adequate ambiance, sending hot messages to your submissive several hours before the meeting. Command her dressing or no cloth at all…as you wish. Begin with soft sessions to let your submissive to get confidence, avoid being too severe at the first stage of the relationship. First times, limit yourself to smaller games of punishment/reward.

The Dominant’s orders must be clear and precise. The submissive have to fulfill them without a word, unless otherwise indicated, overcoming her limits and personal former restrains without hesitation or reluctance to get into the most humiliating positions her Dominator will impose to her.

To enhance anxiety and excitement, the eyes of the submissive may be covered. At any moment, the natural orifices of the submissive are at the discretion of her Dominant, who can get use of them as he pleases.

Keep being respectful and playful

According to the Dominator’s will, the submissive may be questioned about her intimate details, her sexuality, having to answer without reluctance. She may be forced to touch herself and masturbate at her Dominator’s order, even in public, without hiding her pleasure.

On his side, as a good trainer, the Dominator has to congratulate and caressing his submissive for her devotion. It is very important to encourage, admire and reward the submissive for complying with every demand.

The healthy D/s and M/s relationships always rely on rewards and pleasure, never on punishment and frustration!

by sclava

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