A totally devoted submissive

Different submissives have different kinds of feelings regarding their life style. Generalizing conclusions may only result from experience and observation.

The devotion of a submissive, and more as she is a slave, can be really amazing: she is thinking all the time to her Master, all the time: what her Master likes, what makes Him happy, what it is best and healthiest for Him and what can make their relationship evolve. She is taking care of even the smallest details in the benefit of her Master. She is totally dedicated and is actually venerating her Master.

There are submissives who overcame their fears and inhibitions related to their body and painstakingly are photographing themselves to satisfy their Masters. Many of them are doing their best to accomplish the given tasks, to best behave all the time, according to their Masters’ requirements.

Many submissives overcome their own limits to learn and evolve. Some are traveling far to meet their Masters. This is real devotion.

And, even if the sexual part is significant in the relationship, all the submissive’s efforts are not only for sex, but mainly for the deep feeling she has for her Master and for the honor to be able to serve Him.

A session of erotic play is very good, but, it is more important to be capable to serve your Master to Whom you dedicated yourself and Who gained your confidence, devotion and submission.

We need to be attentive though; there are men and women who do not respect the correct dynamics of the relationship they are in…they flirt and message to other submissive persons who attracted them physically, trying to lure them into casual secret relationships… There are masters (not with capital letter, this time…) who lose their right road trying to get multiple relationships, or by failing to respect their dignity and responsibility as the position of a Master impose, Master who accepted and took in His hands His submissive’s fate, submissive surrendered entirely to her Master.

A totally devoted slave will never step aside from the right path…

Yet, there are more levels of devotion, according to everybody’s feelings. There are many ways, some really profound, to live and express devotion.

To a submissive or slave, there is very important to be detained and dominated, to get a collar closed around her neck by her Master. And, it is not about the physical collar, even if it is a symbol in itself, but especially about the profound connection that the slave or the submissive has with her Master, connection that does never weaken, no matter the difficulties which the relationship may pass through sometimes.

The real Master knows, understands and treasures the profoundness of His slave’s devotion. He will never heart, with intention, His slave, either physically or affectively. Such Master deserves unlimited trust of His slave who will offer Him her best, nothing less!

by sclava

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