The Role play in BDSM

With a little dress up, you can experience a hot sex night of play as a different character to suit your imagination.

Here are some role – playing tips to get you started.

Prepare Your Scenario

To indulge yourself in a dress-up game, you may want to decide scenario to the finest details to know better your role and get assured. You might want to prepare some of the dialogue in advance.


Some prefer to make a whole scenario, storyline, but, with some practice, you will feel freer and more comfortable to improvise.

Discuss it with your partner

Talk to your partner particularly about the role situations you are not keen on, to be always comfortable with what you will have to act.


Which game to choose? Choose that one which best appeals to both of you, one to turn you both on.

Pay Attention to Your Partner's Desires

Some not so important details for you might be essential for our partner, pay attention to those fantasies or dreams that bring pleasure to your partner, to reach the highest peaks of pleasure together!

Do not Put Pressure on Yourself

Never think that you have to be at the top of your game sexually. The aim is to have fun together.

Concentrate On the Best to Be Done

You don't have to try out all the scenarios. If you find one or two that you both really like, than you can repeat them again with different variations.

Use Accessories and Props

Use your imagination to realize your role-playing, wearing relevant clothing items, arranging appropriate decorations, going to specific places, etc. You can also use whatever you have at home. Accessories are useful, but not indispensable.

Agree On Your Sexy Talk

Nothing ruins a mood like an unsexy sentence!
Agree with your partner on banned, unsexy words in advance. But also on gestures and actions you don’t like.

Always Have a Safe Word

No matter what game you are playing, you always need to have an agreed safe word. Like an emergency stop button, this will stop the game whenever you need. Make sure it is a word you wouldn't commonly use. You may use also the semaphore colors as words of safety: green, to continue the bdsm play, even harder, yellow to make a pause, to play softer, and red to stop immediately and receive aftercare.

Whatever yours or your partner's role-play fantasy is, from policewoman to superhero, or simply pretending you have only just met, get dressed up, get in the mood and give it a go. Role-play is a great way of spicing up your sex life - plus, you get to play your ultimate fantasies.

by sclava

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